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SMS Ransomware. From Russia to the world

The new generation of malicious code designed to increase the economic life of criminal groups through exercises that involve sending a text SMS message rate, is now a pattern that has already spread worldwide.

While this type of ransomware is developed for the Russian-speaking public, being a very common malware in Russia, any user anywhere in the world is a potential victim.

Daily offenders change the graphic design of what is shown on screen, although minimalist very aggressive, and always providing the necessary information so that, in theory, the victim can get the key to unlock access to the operating system, clear that exchange for a sum of money in this case, amounts to 360 rubles (just over $ 10).

SMS Ransomware template
The latest campaign to spread and infection of this family of ransomware, occurs with this design.

The truth is that despite not having a complex structure around its development; represent one of the malicious codes more aggressive and invasive. Not only because by blocking the system also blocks the ability to access any functionality and operating system software, but also while the user looks ransomware design, it’s reported against an affiliate business (usually the type Pay-per-Install), and in some cases, trying to steal information related to authentication credentials.

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