MalwareDisasters is a division of MalwareIntelligence. In the same test information is captured about the behavior of malicious code, and also offering the necessary countermeasures to mitigate the malicious actions in question.


Crimeware in 2009

"Crimeware in 2009" presented in one document all that was channeled through this blog during the year in question on crimeware and associated hazards.

There are a total of 262 pages and is divided by the most relevant topics that describe the criminal activities that were a source of news on this blog. Has two indices for getting the news in a simple (content) and another on the images (image index).

Then let some of the themes they found in the document in question:

  • Current business outlook caused by crimeware
  • Framework Exploit Pack for botnets general purpose
  • Framework Exploit Pack for botnets particular purpose
  • Services associated with crimeware
  • Intelligence in the fight against crimeware
  • Campaigns of spread and infection
  • Other Exploits packs that were investigated
Short information
Malware Intelligence
Annual compendium of information. Crimeware in 2009
262 pages
Spanish language


Jorge Mieres

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