MalwareDisasters is a division of MalwareIntelligence. In the same test information is captured about the behavior of malicious code, and also offering the necessary countermeasures to mitigate the malicious actions in question.


Copyright violation: copyrighted content detected

New ransomaware In-the-Wild that under the excuse of being issued by an alleged entity that protects copyrights, tries to obtain money by deception strategy that seeks to "negotiate" with the victim to pay a fine.

At the time of executing its payload, operating system crashes showing a window as shown below, in which "warned" of the alleged violation of the copyright in the computer to detect copyright material.

The information presented on the screen can be displayed in ten languages: English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak and Spanish. This feature shows the professional looking for the attackers because every translation is well done, which is achieved by outsourcing translation work.

On occasion wallpaper set as the following image:

Furthermore, to ensure a good level of credibility, the strategy uses the legal aspect of the present as set forth in the Copyright Law of the European Union, and displays information from the headquarters of the agency who understands this type of conflict, depending on country is the victim.

For geo-location information, the malware establishes a connection from IP address found in Moldova, Republic Of Eugenia E. Groza reporting IP address, and then do a whois to establish the country of origin of the victim.


Press the Ctrl + Alt + Del to bring up task manager.
End process "iqmanager.exe"
Delete the folder IQmanager that is located in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data
Delete the Desktop icon

Enter the code below: RFHM2-TPX47-YD6RT-H4KDM

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New variant of ransomware through porn sites

The targets of this ransomware are the visitors to pornographic sites. In this case it's a type ransom "Blocker" that when activated displays a little message, and in the lower right corner of the screen, an image with pornographic content.

Here is an example:

Calls on sending an SMS message like the number 3862816 with the text  8353 in order to unlock the opening of this picture, besides eliminating the automatic opening of porn site (

The malware, which MD5 is db836ddad526869bc750b62fbe36e936 has a low level of detection: 6/40 (15.00%)

Delete the following processes:
  • plugin.exe
  • watcher.exe

Delete the folder hosted on Media C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Media

Delete the following registry key:
Module > c:\documents and settings\all users\media\plugin.exe

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