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Microsoft Security Antivirus ransomware

Criminal groups from Russia are trying constantly to raise money fraudulently, maliciously re-launched a proposal through a ransomware. In this case, the strategy is to display a window that is positioned in the center of the desktop, displaying a message in Russian under the title "Microsoft Security Antivirus".

Ransomware opening message
The window displayed by the ransomware is located in the center of the screen and block any possibility to access Windows programs

This malware is part of the same family that has plagued Internet ransom and are expressed through different designs, some more aggressive than others but ultimately with the same magnitude of risk and same objectives.

Although this variant does not endorse any websites with pornographic content, claims his reward through a text message SMS rate in this case, the number 89030064850. The reward consists of being the payment of 400 rubles (Russian currency).

Reward Request
In this way the offender makes an economic profit at the expense of a mechanism fraudulent and illegal, in many cases, requires users to pay the amount of money without a guarantee that you will receive the unlock key

The ransomware have become commonplace, providing a highly resource exploited by computer criminals who through affiliate systems collect the profits and manage the spread of the threat using specific crimeware.

S!Ri has published some unlock codes can be used to regain control of the system. Thanks S!Ri

Number to Call: 89030139823
Number to Call: 89030065742
Code to unlock Windows: 77294738T

Number to Call: 89030064258
Number to Call: 89030064960
Number to Call: 89030065384
Number to Call: 89030139997
Code to unlock Windows: 720194320Q

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