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New variant of SMS Ransomware ItW

Malicious code types Ransomware have become more emphatically positioned on the stage of the business malicious round about malware.

In this respect, far left the programs in this style using complex encryption algorithms exploiting conventional  aspects of cryptovirologhy, to meet at the present with a sort of ransomware seeking to block access to the victim operating system, calling for minimum sums but daily feed back the economy by criminal groups.

This time, the template used is referred to in the following screenshot:
SMS Ransomware
New variant of SMS Ransomware requesting the sum of 400 rublos (Russian money)

This new variant is another example similar to the family those previously propagated, with the particularity of incorporating number keys  on-screen, needed to "write" the number that will unlock the system.

This maneuver isn't capricious and responds to the strategic defensive and evasive to block the use of the keyboard, precluding any attempt to access internal programs of the affected system.

Although this new generation of ransomware aggressive approach does not address the abduction expressed by old programs in this category as GPCode malware, but is an extremely invasive and difficult to eradicate if it does not provide preventive tools available to protect infections of this caliber.

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