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SpyEye Bot (Part two). Conversations with the creator of crimeware

In recent weeks, SpyEye (a new financial trojan) has been the talk of many for the positive acceptance was so in the underground scene due to its balance about cost/benefit, and the great impact that achievement to whiten the features in its latest version that allows systems to eliminate the activities of your competition: ZeuS.

Our previous report, “SpyEye. Analysis of a new crimeware alternative scenario,” addressed known technical issues involving the activities of this threat.

In this second part we present the exclusive interview by Ben Koehl, Crimeware Researcher of Malware Intelligence. Through interviews with the creator of crimeware, we reveal information that shows some of the thought process and brains behind the creator of SpyEye. We also see the source code for the Zeus Killer addition.

The way that Gribodemon thinks is not unique anymore in the cybercrime world. We are seeing individuals and groups becoming more specialized in the services they provide and are no longer spreading themselves thin. There are many industries within the cybercrime world. From coding to infrastructure support to public relations.

There was a large language barrier between me and the author so I had to keep the questions short and basic so his translator program could handle them (Lingvo.) We broke up the conversation in pieces to make it flow better to the reader.

This document can be downloaded from:

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