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SpyEye Bot. Analysis of a new alternative scenario crimeware

Earlier this year saw the light in the underground black market that moves the axes of crimeware, a new application designed to provide feedback for criminal and fraudulent business.

This application, called SpyEye, is aimed at facilitating the recruitment of zombies and managing your network (C&C - Command and Control) through management panel via the web, from which it is possible to process the information obtained (intelligence) and stored in statistics, a common activity of criminal packages today.

Depending on their characteristics, very similar to those proposed by his counterpart ZeuS, SpyEye is presented as a potential successor to this within the scenario crimeware. Furthermore, it is evident that the criminal activities now represent a large business where cyber criminals and would-be cyber criminals abuse their "kindness".

This document describes the activities of SpyEye from the stage of infection giving relevant information about their purpose.

The full document can be downloaded from:

Spanish version
English version

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Jorge Mieres

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