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New whitepaper about Carberp Botnet

Is available a new whitepaper that describes the operation of one of the botnets "wanted" by the security community: Carberp.

The article, called Inside Carberp Botnet and written by Francisco Ruiz, Crimeware Research of MalwareIntelligence, details the different parts of this crimeware, leaving evidence of its full operating mode.

In recent weeks, has returned to Carberp impact due to the revival of several of his former C&C. However, experts believe MalwareIntelligence have concrete evidence that would demonstrate that in fact the original group that was behind the first generation of Carberp is broken, and that some of the new botnets that spread banking trojan Carberp are managed through a modified version of the original.

MalwareIntelligence have a Carberp Working Group, responsible for private research and demand of this particular threat. In the main blog, Ruiz also said that a botnet Carberp private market in a very closed environment, but since a few days ago, the marketing model has been released, giving some details of its current features and costs.

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