MalwareDisasters is a division of MalwareIntelligence. In the same test information is captured about the behavior of malicious code, and also offering the necessary countermeasures to mitigate the malicious actions in question.



Malware Disasters Team is comprised of a group of enthusiasts who are dedicated to the study and analysis of what computer security is known under the term "Malicious Code" (Malware).

The intention is to concentrate in this space, a series of brief analysis, curiosities and manual disinfection proposals to help counter the negative effects that these types of threats caused by infecting a system.

About proposals that seek to eliminate certain actions caused by an infection, we must bear in mind that the steps mentioned herein may change depending on the variant and family of malware, and from any point of view completely solves the problems that might have caused the infection.

However, in complex problems where it isn't possible to access certain features of the operating system, the manual removal of certain harmful actions can help regain control of the system.

On the other hand, also helps the study and understanding of the most common patterns that identify malicious activities and strategies different from malicious code.

Accordingly, it leaves established that the contents of this site has as primary aim to provide the information necessary to understand how these threats and to act accordingly.

The author also takes no responsibility for the misunderstanding that it could ever have of what transpired in this site, or the consequences which might arise in the implementation of countermeasures provided.

Malware Disasters Team is a division of MalwareIntelligence.

Malware Disasters Team

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